Stevie Sole Middleton at an early juncture had an acute desire to make the style of music he was playing as a DJ. Early on he purchased some basic equipment (SP1200 and MPC2000 drum machines) and started making beats. This blossomed into a fully equipped studio and a burgeoning production talent (Once included in the top 15 producer’s to watch in Muzik magazine). With more than 200 productions to date he has recorded on his own as Oscuro p and Steviesole, as Cutting headz and Tu Souls with Phil Asher, Phuture Retro with Julian Bendall (Bah Samba) and an album project as Guiro with Ross Campbell. He has worked with DJ Spinna, Angela Johnson and Steve Edwards amongst other collaborators. He has worked with Milton Jackson as Baracus as well as more recent successful but top secret project.

More recently Stevie created the HiRO moniker. HiRO has recorded a number of Eps for Tronicsole as well as remixing Milton Jackson, Art of Tones, Liquid People, Sei A, Ski Oakenfull and Palm Skin Productions to name but a few. With every release both on Tronicsole and many other fine labels, he cements his initial kudos as one to watch for 2009 according to IDJ magazine, his BoogieTech edits garnering a cult following especially the Romanthony Let Me Show U update. He has signed release’s to Jef K’s Silver Network and Claude Monnet’s SSOH and remixed for the ubercool Room With A View. More recently he has been busy remixing and recording for labels across the globe and has a slew of new material ready to drop in 2012.

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