Stevie Sole Middleton: Notable Gigs...


Australia (Six tours)

Including Playground Weekender
Peep Show @ The Cross Sydney
Strangeways, Home, Sydney
Tank Sydney
Chinese Laundry /Slip Inn Sydney
Vibes on a Summers Day Tour with Jamiroquai
Freakazoid Melbourne
Prince of Wales Melbourne
Seven Melbourne
Honky Tonks Melbourne
Bellview Perth

Japan (THree tours)
Including Loop Tokyp
Grand Café Osaka

Open Air NYC
Material @ Red No 5 Chicago


Glamourama @ The Powerhouse Amsterdam

Mad Club Luasanne
Take 5 Berne

Club Ra Gothenburg

Special Needs @ La Fabrique Paris (Twice)

Four tours including gigs in Izhevsk, Moscow, Cheery Povitz and Nichynovgrad

Parque Extremo Ecuador


October Café (Six Years)
Tunnel (Two Years)
Sub Club
Archaos (One Year)
Babaza (One Year)
Budda Bar (Four Years0
Buddasole @ Budda Club (3 years)
Moskito (12 years and accounting)
Bamboo (Three Years and counting)

Ultragroove @ Cabaret Voltaire

Revolution (Five times)
Bacardi B Bar @ Revolution
Club Snafu (Five times)

T In The Park
Bacardi B bar (closing set Sat) 2004
Bacardi B bar (closing set Sat) 2005
Bacardi B bar (closing set Sat) 2006

Blue Note (Twice)
Notting Hill Arts Club (Four Times)
Soul Heaven @ Ministry of Sound (Twice)
Bar Rhumba (Three Times)
Misdemeanours @ AKA
Milk n 2 Sugars @ The End
One Starry Night @ The Neighbourhood

Thompsons Garage (Twice)
Milk Club (Twice)

Fruity Antics (Three times)


Drama @ The Music Box (Four Times)
Slammin Boys (twice)
Fat cat (Twice)


Stevie Sole Middleton: Discography

Steviesole and Dominic Martin Truth EP Tronicsole
Steviesole and Gavin McClead Hi Fi King Street (TBC)
Steviesole HopeRefo Recordings
Steviesole Presents Guiro Keep it Clear solemusic
Baracus Jus Beats TBC
Stevie Sole Feat Steve Edwards BSL Clubsole csole015
Clubsole Feat Mr Mike ‘The Discoteque' Clubsole csole011
Baracus ‘Jack & Jill’ Clubsole csole04/cs04
Stevie Sole & Geoff M ‘Automatic’ Sole/Tronicsole sole043
Guiro feat. Steve Edwards ‘Put Your Hands….’Solemusic siole044ऀ
Stevie Sole Flyin' Clubsolle csole07/csole01
Baracus ‘Bijongas What Goes Around csole02/cs02
Gweero “Rhythm Revolution’solemusic sole042
Guiro ‘Bridges’ CD/LP Solemusic sole011cd/lp
1. ff to the Money Shot featuring Angela Johnson
2 Put You Hands Together featuring Steve Edwards
3 Interlude
4 Gotta Get A Fix featuring Angela Johnson
5 Free featuring Angela Johnson
6 Interlude
7 I Don't Want To Feel The Rain featuring Steve Edwards
8 Circus
9 Identity
10 Rhythm Revolution featuring Kriminal
11 Keep It Clear featuring Monet
12 Solevision/Reprise

Guiro feat. Angela Johnson ‘ff to the Money Shot’ Solemusic
Guiro feat. Angela Johnson ‘Kite’ Solemusic sole018
Gurio feat. DJ Spinna & Grap Luva‘Solevision’ Solemusic sole018
Guiro feat. Angela Johnson ‘Free’ Solemusic sole013/sole013l
Phuture Retro ‘Love’ Tronicsole tsole019
Phuture Retro‘Diggin 2044’ Tronicsole tsole017
Oscuro P‘How We Feel’ Tronicsole tsole015
Oscuro P ‘Solefuleinflection' Pan
Oscuro P‘Solefamily’ Tronicsole tsole009
Cutting Headz ‘Too High’ Tronicsole tsole010

Stevie Sole Remixes
Chuck Cogan ‘No More Heroes/No Time [Stevie Sole Remix]’ (Solemusic)
Chuck Cogan ‘Satellites’ [Stevie Sole Remix]’ (Solemusic)
Tommi White feat Seth Sharpe ‘Every Sunday’ [Stevie Sole Remix] (Solemusic)
Bugz in the Attic Presents Homecookin 'Stay Away [HiRO Remix]' (solemusic)
Liquid People Presents Danism  'Hypnotize' [Stevie Sole D12 remix] (Solemusic)
Bah Samba ‘Doober’BKO
Chroma ‘Twilight' Onephatdeepa
Emjay ‘Hola Pappy’ Clubsole
Clubsole Feat Mr Mike ‘The Discoteque’ Clubsole
Cassioware ‘The Music' Mapdance
Mr Mike ‘Let’s Do It Again' Peppermint Jam
Revisionaries ‘What Can You Do For Me’ Hipbone
Al Kent ‘Back In Love’ Million$Disco
Ricki Benson ‘Still In Love’ Z
Neon Heights ‘Shady Place’ Tronicsole
Overstreet ‘Feels So Good’ Solemusic
Negrove ‘Jerk Chicken Soul' Solemusic
Cooly’s Hot Box ‘Over and over’ Dome
DJ D ‘Housemusic’ Aroma
Sabrynaah Pope ‘Black Man’ Slip n Slide
Children of Planet Earth ‘You are the Future' Solemusic
Cooly’s Hot Box ‘We Don’t Have to..’ Solemusic
Daddy’s Favourite ‘I Feel Good Things’ Go Beat
Copa America ‘Fire in Your Hands’ Tronicsole
Susumo Yokota ‘On & On’ Sublime
Ujuzi ‘Sunny Daye’ Pan
DSMQ ‘Soleful Chic' Temple
The Morning Kids ‘The Day After' MonkeyFruit
DSMQ ‘Meltdown’ Tronicsole

Hiro Discography
HiRO 2.0 Ep (Tronicsole) (Tsole063)
Milton Jackson and HiRO 'GIAWOL EP' (Tronicsole) (tsole066)
HiRO and Dominic Martin 'Into tha Groove EP' (Tronicsole) (tsole067)
HiRO 'Bodybeat/Wonkypiano' (Tronicsole) (Tsole071)
HiRO and Billy Shane 'SAAY' (Tronicsole)
HiRO 'Lift Me Up' (Solemusic)
HiRO and Dominic Martin 'Sterility' (Tronicsole) (Tsole084)
HiRO 'Woman of Color' (SSOH)
HiRO' What are you Trying to Say' (SSOH)
HiRO Feat Iain Whitelaw 'Dance With Me' (Solemusic)
HiRO ‘Peanuts’ (Tronicsole) (Tsole076)
HiRO ‘Ruby Likes Dubstep Too’ (Tronicsole) (Tsole082)
HiRO ‘Boogie Tech Edits Volume 1’ (Tronicsole) (Tsole086)
HiRO ‘Neptune EP’ (Tronicsole) (Tsole085)
HiRO ‘This Child is Wild’ (Tronicsole) (Tsole088)
HiRO ‘Jabberwocky’ (Tronicsole) (Tsole090)

Hiro Remixes
Art of Tones ‘Breaking Bad [HiRO Remix]’ (Room with a View)
Sei A 'Let it Go [HiRO Remix]' (Seinan Music)
Yofunk 'Marmot[HiRO Remix]' (Dark Energy)
Milton Jackson 'Randoms’ [HiRO Remix] (Tsole065)
Cosmic Cowboys 'One last Whisper [HiRO Remix]' (Galaktika)
Billy Shane 'Be Strong [HiRO Remix]' (Tronicsole) (Tsole072)
Milton Jackson '1998 [HiRO Remix]' (Tronicsole) (Tsole074)
Ski Oakenfull 'Love Meeting Love’ [HiRO Remix] (Primeaudial)
Palm Skin Productions 'Head on a Stick [HiRO Remix]' (Tronicsole)
Duke J Feat Kleber 'Energia [Milton Jackson and HiRO Remix]' (Minimo)
Sei A  'Everything I see' [HiRO Remix] (Tronicsole) (tsole068)
Bugz in the Attic Presents Homecookin 'Stay Away [HiRO Remix]' (solemusic)
Terrence T ‘Stars’ [HiRO Remix] (Tronicsole) (Tsole064)
Shades of Gray ‘The Departure [HiRO remix]’ (Tronicsole) (Tsole089)
Clean Blak ‘Clean and Blak [HiRO Remix] (Animus Rhythm)
Adam Tyler ‘See Ya [HiRO Remix]’ (Chillin Music)
Yotam Avni ‘Mooged [HiRO Remix]’ (Espai Music)
Jymmi James ‘Games and Conversations [HiRO Remix] (Needs Music)

Hiro Edits
Romanthony 'Let me Show U Love' [HiRO BoogieTech Edit] White Label
Allstar Madness 'Magic [HiRO BoogieTech Edit]' White Label
Dannell Dixon ‘Dance Dance’ [HiRO BoogieTech Edit]' White Label
It ‘Woman in Toilet’ [HiRO BoogieTech Edit]' White Label
Pest ‘Pat Pong [HiRO Boogie Tech Edit]’ White Label
The B52s ‘Tell it like it T-I-Is [HiRO BoogieTech Edit]' White Label


Stevie Sole Middleton: Radio Shows


2011 to Present
Clyde 1 and Scottish Bauer Network Overnight show
Daily 1 til 6am

2008 to 2011
BBC Radio Scotland Depping for Vic Galloway 

BBC Radio Scotland New Music Zone

2006 to 2008
XFM Scotland  Weekender Show Fridays 8 til 11pm

XFM Scotland Extra time show 10am til 2pm Saturday Mornings

XFM Scotland Football Rocks Show 2pm til 6pm Saturday Afternoons

XFM Scotland X Mix Show Sunday Mornings 2am til 6am

At XFM Scotland also depped for weekday daytime, evening show and weekend breakfast on a number of occasions. During that period I also broadcast live on numerous occasions from both T in the Park and Rockness 

2004 to 2006
Beat 106 Stevie Sole and Geoff M show Saturday Evenings 7pm til 10pm

Beat 106 Mix Show Sunday Mornings 2am til 6am

I also broadcast live from T in the Park with Beat 106.